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Full-day Kindergarten
Pre-school Kindergarten aged 1.5 – 7 years. Мidtown, Colorado
We help kids to develop the personality and skills of communication with others. We learn how to communicate, learn foreign languages, play sports, make arts. Our teachers know how to motivate, teach and support.
Kids 1,5 – 2 years
Group Junior
Kids 2 – 5 years
Pre-school kids
Kids 5 – 7 years
Our Programs
Training sessions are available in the morning and in the afternoon. Forms of training depend on hours spent in kindergarten.
08 am – 02 pm
/ a month
Full day
08 am – 08 pm
/ a month
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Games and Learning
We learn how to communicate in a group of other kids, make friends, freely Express their thoughts. We learn Basics of foreign languages, mathematics, physical exercises and arts.
Foreign language Basics: Spanish, French, Chinese, German
Kids learn how to communicate without hesitation in a new language and learn how to build dialogues. Already at a young age they will have an idea about the languages and will be able to communicate with others.
Speech development
We learn poems, invent our stories, train to tell them to others. We help kids to Express their thoughts clearly and do not hesitate to speak in public.
Visual thinking
Visual thinking develops imagination and instills good taste since childhood. We learn to draw, sculpt, make movies and much more.
Physical Education
Exercises — these are daily activities in the form of a game for the proper physical development of children.
Schedule a tour
Before your kid will join a group, you can get acquainted with us, conditions and atmosphere of a kindergarten. Leave your contact details, we will contact you.
Frequently asked questions
We tried to collect popular answers about us for parents about us. To ask a question, can call us or send an email: kinderzz@email.com
  • Question:
    How to enroll?
    Aspin +:
    To enroll a kid, you can leave a request for a trial visit to the groups, or call us by phone +123 456 678 99
  • Question:
    How many kids in one group?
    Aspin +:
    There is a maximum of 8 people, rarely 10. This is the maximum number of people that the teacher could fully devote time to everyone.
  • Question:
    Do you consider special meals for children?
    Aspin +:
    Yes, you need to tell us about the features of your child's nutrition, and we will prepare food separately.
  • Question:
    Is there a children's doctor in the garden?
    Aspin +:
    Yes, in kindergarten there is a children's therapist, speech therapist, psychologist. Doctors are available all the time when children are in the garden.
  • Question:
    Can children bring their toys to kindergarten?
    Aspin +:
    Yes, you can bring your toys, but teachers and other garden workers are not responsible for the safety of toys.
  • Question:
    How much time before the first visit to kindergarten should begin to prepare the child?
    Aspin +:
    For 3-6 months. Read the guidelines above - some of them you can apply before.
Our Teachers
Simona Jameson
The head of the children's center, psychologist at the method of "Sand therapy".
From the profession of teacher I moved to the studying of kids psychology at the Kovalova University. After 7 years of practice I started Aspin kindergarten as my own project to help parents in the upbringing of children.
Mary Smith
Teacher of the basics of English
In 2010 I graduated from the University Lasiassa and entered the language Academy in Washington, the faculty of journalism. Now I work as an author and editor of electronic media. In working with children, I like to help them become independent, to help organize their leisure time. I also help parents of children to be a friend and helper.
Henry Clark
Teacher of Scenic speech
Henry Clark is a professional actor of the Youth theater. Experienced of acting for 17 years. Henry works as a speech consultant for presentations and public speaking.
"It's nice to listen to a person who is fluent in his native language, and who knows how to Express himself clearly. I am pleased to work with children , to help them in communication, speeches to others, voice and expression experiments.»
Diplomas and awards
1 place in the district network, the Internet-project "Journey to Innovation" in the category "Group work", 2018
Participation in competitions on mini-football, Colorado region, 2016
A winning place for Colorado region "gold autumn 2018", 2017-2018
How to get and contact us
Phone us: +1 123 456 78 90
E-mail us: helloaspin@email.com
Silver Hawk Ave, 35G, Colorado, 00928
How to get
There is a good access from the Adana Drive and the city alley
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